SEA GLOW™ is a fluorescent CLeanser=Conditioner invented in 1997 by Dr. Anthony L. Willis of ISLAND GIRL Products Inc (see IslandGirl


SEA GLOW™ is a fluorescent Cleanser-Conditioner. invented in 1997 by Dr. Anthony L. Willis of ISLAND GIRL Products Inc . It uniquely removes and prevents yellowing of white or clear plastics, while preserving and/or restoring suppleness.  It also removes and prevents oxidation while inhibiting mildew growth.  There is a brightening effect on many colors except "earth-tone" shades (beige, brown etc) where is may cause abnormal color changes. By contrast NEUTRAL CLEAR™  Cleanser-Conditioner, while less effectve on "snowy white"  CAN be used on earth-tones without altering the underlying color except to add "richness".

1.  SEA GLOW & Cleanser-Conditioner has the following properties:

2. How Does SEA GLOW Work?:

The main feature of both SEA GLOW™ and NEUTRAL CLEAR™ is a loose polymeric complex of a solvent (to remove oxidation and plastic breakdown products), attached to a thickening polymeric water-insoluble "backbone" that also acts as a plasticing agent (to promote suppleness). In turn, these are attached to a detergent that helps remove grime and oxidation.  imbedded in the complex are anti-oxidant preservatives and a strong fluorescent additive that protects against UV damage by pacifying the UV of sunlight, converting its usually harmful effects into a means of brightening the white and colors. The blue tint of the product aids in making white become  "snowy white" NEUTRAL CLEAR™ does not contain this tint and can therefore be used on any color, including "earth-tones". Both products usually contain small amounts of mildew/algae inhibitor.

Technical Information on how plastics breakdown, how our cleansers work and the differences between SEA GLOW™ and other ISLAND GIRL®  cleansers is shown HERE.

3. Why the SEA GLOW™ Name?

In keeping the "Pacific Islander" meme for our company, we thought that the SEA GLOW™ name was very approptiate for a product that essentially "glows" in the presence of daylight and has the property of "lighting up" white and colored plastics and rubber. The rationale is given below:

Although the Pacific Ocean is vast, ancient  Pacific Islanders learned to navigate by the stars, direction of swells, sighting of clouds, birds and some other means. In the Marshall Islands, "stick charts" based on ocean swells were developed.  Lesser known is the role of Phosphorescence. Bioluminescant micro-organisms often make the wake of a boat to "glow". This same effect is seen in the breaking waves near coral reefs and so can be a night-time marker of the approach to land. More mysterious, is the deep phosphorescent "flashes"  (several meters deep)  that gives direction to the land and increase in frequency as land becomes closer. The cause of this deep phosphorescence is still unknown.

4.Why the .TV website URL suffix?

We are proud that this URL suffix is also part of the "Pacific Islands" meme" of ISLAND GIRL® Products.  

Due to Global Warming, the tiny Pacific Island Nation of Tuvalu (previously Ellice Islands) is suffering from the effects of rising sea levels. impacting livelihood of the inhabitants.

However, ownership of the .TV URL suffix (with its connotation with TeleVision) has led to sufficent income to raise standards of living for all its inhabitans and allowed joining the United Nations Assembly and scholarships for its young inhabitants. This nation is part of the British Commonwealth.


SEA GLOW™ Cleansing Lotion & Conditioner

Diagramtic composition of SEA GLOW™








Chemical Components of SEA GLOW™

UV-pacifying fluorescing agent + optical brightener complex. with blue tint. NEUTRAL CLER ™ contains no Blue dye.