SEA GLOW™ is a fluorescent CLeanser=Conditioner invented in 1997 by Dr. Anthony L. Willis of ISLAND GIRL Products Inc (see IslandGirl


SEA GLOW™ Cleansing Lotion & Conditioner

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Large bottle of SEA GLOW™
NEUTRAL CLEAR™ -big bottle



SG O.xiboost™ 4 Oz Bottle
SILKENSEAL™ 12 Oz Bottle
NON-SLIP Superg;ze 12 Oz bott;e
NEW SHOE KIT for Mail-Order
NEW SHOE KIT for mail-order

SEA GLOW™ Cleanser-Conditioner uniquely prevents and removes yellowing of white or clear plastics and rubber, while preserving and/or restoring suppleness.  It also removes and prevents oxidation while inhibiting mildew growth.  There is a brightening effect on many colors except "Earth-Tone" shades (beige, brown etc) where is may cause abnormal color changes. Safely used by many thousands of customers since 1997. This product is NOT a damaging bleach and actually protects against aging of plastics and rubber.

SG O.xiboost™  boosts the whitening effects of SEA GLOW™ without interfering with its other anti-aging properties.

It contains a very weak & safe solution of Hydrogen Peroxide that acts by providing a gentle source of free radical oxygen (O.). This is carried through the surface of rubber and plastics by constituents of regular SEA GLOW™

NEUTRAL CLEAR™ Cleanser-Conditioner has almost identical  properties to SEA GLOW™ but lacks the blue tint that helps make white plastics and rubber "Snowy white.

This product CAN be used on earth -tones without the altering the underlying color except to add "richness".

SILKENSEAL™ "Plastic Skin" Protectant is applied as a water-based emulsion that dries into a silken skin that feels and looks "new". It seals the surface to prevent stains on vinyl and rubber.  On vinyl, it prevents the migration of the plasticizer to the surface that typically produces surface stickiness and gumminess on marine fenders and brown "sun damage" on vinyl upholstery.  

This product is also used on leather and fiberglass gelcoat surfaces where it can be used to seal porosity or for "quick-shine" touch up.

ISLAND GIRL®'s New Shoe Kit for anti-aging protection of brand new collectible Sports Shoes.  

Each kit contains 2 Oz SEA GLOW™,  4 Oz SILKENSEAL™ and 2 Oz NON SLIP Superglaze™ + scuff pads and Microfiber Cloth.  Our products have been used for some  20 years with safety and ease of use on a variety of plastics and rubber.

This Shoe Collector's Kit will keep new sneakers like new and restore older yellowed sneakers.

Each kit Includes: TWO 4 Oz bottles of SEA GLOW™ to prevent and reverse yellowing, NON-Slip Superglaze™ (4 Oz) for non-slip protection of under soles and SILKENSEAL™ (4 Oz) for protection of uppers. Also contains 4 Oz NEUTRAL CLEAR™ for "earth-tone" colors. The kit also contains scuff pads and microfiber cloth . Save $20-40% compared items bought separately with individual shipping. Also contains a 20% discouint certificate toward 12 Oz bottles of replacement product.. Kit  Includes Instructions, accessories & warranty. Over 30% Savings on items purchased individually. Huge savings on shipping too! A New addition is 4 Oz of our new SG O.xiboost to help SEA GLOW™ act more rapidly on severely yellowed soles.

NON-SLIP Superglaze™ is an emulsion of special resins and anti-oxidant preservatives, It dries into a glossy  coating that  is not slippery underfoot, even on smooth, water-wetted surfaces. Originally developed for boat decks, it is also ideal to seal the sides and bottoms of rubber soles. It then prevents stains and seals in the anti-aging conditioners of SEA GLOW™.