SEA GLOW™ is a fluorescent CLeanser=Conditioner invented in 1997 by Dr. Anthony L. Willis of ISLAND GIRL Products Inc (see IslandGirl


Really Brown Space Jam soles restored by SEA GLOW™ with SG O.xiboost™
SEA GLOW™ and SILKENSEAL™ restoration of blue hypalon dinghy
Blue Cushion part-restored by SEA GLOW™ and SILKENSEAL™
White fender restored by SEA GLOW™held up by Girl
SEA GLOW™ restores white vinyl vents


SEA GLOW™ Cleansing Lotion & Conditioner

Example of how SEA GLOW™ removes "sun damage" (mainy exuded plasiticizer with some surface breakdown of the vinyl).

SILKENSEAL™ then provides an "as new" surface.  Video of this process  HERE

Partially restored blue Achilles® hypalon dinghy.

The nearside pontoon was  treated with SEA GLOW™ to remove grime and oxidation.

Then a protective coating of SILKENSEAL™ seals against  weathering and stains. Several more examples through 2016 are given in our Testimonials section as seen HERE. Video on inflatable care can be seen HERE. Also shown in the video are rigorous tests showed that our products cannot damage the (2-part adhesive) glued seams.

For Video Demonstration on boat fenders & power cords:

Click HERE

For Video demonstration: Click HERE

Shoe soles restored by SEA GLOW™
Yellowed sports shoe soles before restoration

Use of SEA GLOW™  greatly reduces yellowing of “icy” clear synthetic rubber soles on Nike® Jordan Sports Shoes. [ Courtesy of customer Frank Cheek, 2009 ]. “How to” procedures are given HERE

Shoe sole yellowing removed by SEA GLOW™


Fifteen year-old Nike Space Jams whose soles had become dark brown.

Use of SEA GLOW™ together with SG O.xiboost™ returned soles almost to original (not icy) condition.

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